Cocktail a regola d'arte, da professionista.

Thanks to the magic of its cocktails and its exclusive design, MIXARTISTA will be the ideal solution to enchant the customers of your exclusive bar, your privileged restaurant or your delightful hotel.
There are at least four reasons why you should trust MIXARTISTA: perfect, refined and elegant cocktails, spectacular preparation, 101 cocktails in complete autonomy.

Perfect cocktails always

MIXARTISTA is the perfect machine for your refined quality cocktails, always. Thanks to the algorithm we designed, MIXARTISTA gives the perfect spirit and all the ingredients needed to make cocktails that faithfully respect the original recipes.

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Refined and Elegant Design

MIXARTISTA preserves in its details the precious elegance of Italian craftsmanship. It was completely conceived and subsequently realized in Emilia-Romagna, the home of the most skilled craftsmen in the manufacturing sector. MIXARTISTA is produced in collaboration with a very important automotive company that cares about its design and its external paintwork. We really believe in MADE IN ITALY.

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Spectacular preparation

MIXARTISTA, during the preparation, will astonish your guests with its brilliant performance. Choosing the desired cocktail starts the preparation dance that counts four movements. The glass, or the shaker, and the spirit rotating simultaneously, meet. The dispenser delivers thoroughly the ingredients, and the cocktail, ready to be tasted back to the barman. All this is accompanied by a delightful internal gear dynamics that spectacularizes the preparation.

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101 cocktails in complete autonomy

MIXARTISTA offers you the opportunity to taste more than 100 cocktails to your customers. Thanks to this high bouquet of cocktail offerings, you will no longer be unprepared for any request. You can offer the classic “Moscow Mule” to the elegant “Cosmopolitan”, from the famous “Martini Dry” to the refined “FRENCH 75”. Your customers will only be spoiled for choice. And if you want to include a cocktail personalised, you can do it through the dedicated tablet.

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We are a young, professionally grown Bolognese company with the active innovation paths offered by Aster – Bologna. We have always believed that innovation and technology must be accompanied by dynamic and forward-looking ideas. Thanks to this vision, we have immediately succeeded in establishing a fruitful relationship of collaboration with some prestigious companies of the highest level in the world of mechanical components and design, communication and trade marketing in the super ho.re.ca sector. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with a product that is synonymous with perfection, always.

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